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Montfort Park


  1. Bike Trail
  2. Bird/Wildlife Viewing
  3. Chairs
  4. Parking
  5. View Corridor
  6. Walking Trails
Monfort Park is a quiet forested waterfont park developed for walking and wildlife viewing.Trails link Monfort Park with the surrounding neighborhood. Walk along the shore, near a wetland, and among the trees. 

Access to the park on foot is available from a number of neighborhood locations. Trails can be accessed at the end of Montfort Avenue, Bayview Avenue, and Wilson Avenue. 

Public parking is located at the end of Bayview Avenue.  Parking is available along Dodd Street and the south end of Bayview Avenue.

Monfort Park has a steep shoreline. Water access is very limited and only for the sure-footed. You are encouraged to view the water from above and not attempt to access the tide flats from the steep bank.