What do I do about an abandoned vehicle ?

Normally, properly registered vehicles may park on a city street for up to 24 hours. They are subject to citation and towing after 72 hours. The Police Department handles abandoned vehicles on public right of way. To report an abandoned vehicle, please call 911 or (360)676-6911, To report a vehicle that has been abandoned on public property or city streets. You will need to provide the location, vehicle description, including license plate, and your contact information. You may also report a violation by emailing the Police Department. An officer will act on your complaint and may contact you if added information is needed. Officers will check the vehicle and attempt to locate the owner. The vehicle may be cited if abandoned on a city street. It will be towed if not removed within 72 hours. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to take care of vehicles on their property. A tow company can assist you with removing an unwanted vehicle and there are normally fees for this service. 

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