Vista Terrace LID Process

Applicable Documents

Ordinance No. 96-2224 (PDF)

Ordinance No. 05-2607 (PDF)

Ordinance No. 96-2228 (PDF)

Ordinance No. 05-2608 (PDF)

LID Polling Results - 4-27-2015 (PDF)

2013 Capital Improvement Plan (PDF)

Sewer Code Frequently Asked Questions - April 2014 (PDF)

Department of Ecology Letter - 11-2-2012 - Gary Tomsic (PDF)

Department of Ecology Letter Set 2014 (PDF)

Department of Ecology Letter - 7-8-2014 - David Wilbrecht (PDF)

2010 Wastewater Fund Budget and Expenditure (PDF)

2011 Wastewater Fund Budget and Expenditure (PDF)

2012 Wastewater Fund Budget and Expenditure (PDF)

2013 Wastewater Fund Budget and Expenditure (PDF)

2014 Wastewater Fund Budget and Expenditure (PDF)

2015 Wastewater Fund Budget and Expenditure (PDF)

Notice for Vista Terrace LID 2-8-2016 - Sign-Up Sheet (PDF)

Vista Terrace Assessment Timeline - 2016 (PDF)

Public Meetings

City Council Meeting - 2011 PW Projects - 3-4-2011 (Vista Terrace on Page 8) (PDF)

Vista Terrace Area LID Financial Update - 5-12-2014 (PDF)

Vista Terrace Area LID Open House and Project Update - 10-6-2014 (PDF)

Vista Terrace Area LID Open House and Project Update - 9-24-2015 (PDF)

City Council Meeting (2-8-2016) - Vista Terrace Presentation (PDF)

Vista Terrace LID - Community Sign-Up Sheet - 2-8-2016 (PDF)

Vista Terrace LID Open House - 5/2/2016 - Presentation (PDF)

Vista Terrace LID Open House - 5/2/2016 - Mailing List (PDF)

Public Need Determined
City Council Meeting - RCA Allan Street/Vista Terrace 10-25-2010 (PDF)

Resolution No. 1568-10 (PDF)

Council Sets Hearing Dates

Resolution No. 1568-10 (PDF)

Vista Terrace LID Letter - 1/6/2011 (PDF)

Vista Terrace LID Letter - Gary Tomsic (PDF)

Affidavit of Mailing - 1/6/2011 (PDF)

Vista Terrace LID Map - January 2011 (PDF)

Vista Terrace ULID - Northern Light Public Hearing Notice - Email Between Staff (PDF)

Affidavit of Mailing - 1/6/2011 - Including Assessor Database Mailings (PDF)

LID Hearing 1/24/2011

City Council Meeting 1-24-2011 - Agenda Packet (PDF)

City Council Meeting Minutes - Public Hearing - 1-24-2011 (PDF)

Council Adopts Ordinance Forming the LID - Public Hearing 2/14/2011

City Council Meeting 2-14-2011 - Agenda Packet (PDF)

City Council Meeting Minutes - Public Hearing - 2-14-2011 (PDF)

Ordinance 11-2786 (PDF)

30 Day Appeal Window

CoB Vista Terrace Area LID - Preliminary Assessment Map February 2011 (PDF)

Engineer Designs LID

Reichhardt and Ebe Engineering Letter 3-17-2011 (PDF)

Vista Terrace LID - Proposed Sewer Improvements - Preliminary Plan - 11-28-2010 (PDF)

Award Construction Contract

Request for Statements of Qualifications (RFSOQ) - Vista Terrace (PDF)

CAI 2 Vista Terrace Professional Services Agreement Supplement (PDF)

Construct Improvements

Letter to Stremler Gravel Inc. - 11-18-2014 (PDF)

Vista Terrace Sanitary Sewer Improvements - Phase One - 8-5-2014 (PDF)

City Issues Bonds to Pay for LID - In this case the City did not issue a bond to pay for the LID

 WA Department of Commerce Loan Contract - Vista Terrace (PDF)

CAI 1 Resolution 1637-14, Accepting DOE for Vista Terrace Project (PDF)

Resolution No. 1637-14 - Signed (PDF)

Final Costs & Assessments by Appraiser

Vista Terrace ULID Estimated Final Assessment Roll (PDF)

Council Sets Assessment Roll Hearing Date

Notice of Hearing on Assessments - Blaine ULID - 5-23-16 (PDF)

Estimated Final Assessment Roll on Vista Terrace ULID No.35 (PDF)

Assessment Hearing - May 23, 2016

Exhibit A: Resolution 1568-10, Intent to form ULID (PDF)

Exhibit B: Notices of Formation Hearing for January 24, 2011:

- Exhibit B1: Spreadsheet for Mailing (PDF)

- Exhibit B2: Letter Template for Mailing (PDF)

- Exhibit B3: Outside ULID Notice and Spreadsheet (PDF)

Exhibit C: Affidavit of Publication - The Northern Light (PDF)

Exhibit D: Affidavit of Mailing (PDF)

Exhibit E: Ordinance 11-2786, forming ULID (PDF)

Exhibit Fax: Affidavit of Publication for Ordinance No. 11-2786 (PDF)

Exhibit G: Minutes of the January 24, 2011, Council Meeting (PDF)

Exhibit H: Minutes of the February 14, 2011, Council Meeting (PDF)

Exhibit I: Plans and Specifications:

- I1: Phase I Plans (PDF)

- I2: Phase I Specifications (PDF)

- I3: Phase II Plans (PDF)

- I4: Phase II Specifications (PDF)

Exhibit J: Final Costs (PDF)

Exhibit K: Final Assessment Roll (PDF)

Exhibit L: Resolution No. 1686-16, Setting the Public Hearing for May 23, 2016 (PDF)

Exhibit M: Notices of Final Assessment Roll Hearing for May 23, 2016:

- Exhibit M1: Spreadsheet for Mailing (PDF)

- Exhibit M2: Letters - Mailed 05-06-2016 (PDF)

- Exhibit M3: Letters - Additional Mailings (PDF)

Exhibit N: Affidavits of Publication:

- Exhibit N1: Bellingham Herald (PDF)

- Exhibit N2: The Northern Light (PDF)

Exhibit O: Affidavit of Mailing (PDF)

Exhibit Phone: Objection Letters and Forms

- Exhibit P1: Bender (PDF)

- Exhibit P2: Penno/Rodman (PDF)

- Exhibit P3: Vannelli (PDF)

- Exhibit P4: Karuza (PDF)

- Exhibit P5: Sharma (PDF)

- Exhibit P6: Notar (PDF)

- Exhibit P7: King (PDF)

- Exhibit P8: Greene (PDF)

- Exhibit P9: Eacret (PDF)

- Exhibit P10: Scherck (PDF)

- Exhibit P11: Siebol (PDF)

- Exhibit P12: Shea (PDF)

- Exhibit P13: Liebert (PDF)

- Exhibit P14: Schable (PDF)

Exhibit Q: 5-23-2016 Public Hearing - Staff Report (PDF)

Exhibit R: 5-23-2016 Public Hearing - Timelines (PDF)

Exhibit S: 6-27-2016 Public Hearing - Staff Report (PDF)

Ordinance Confirming Assessment

Ordinance No. 16-2886 (PDF)

10 Day Appeal Window

Assessment Notice to Property Owners

First Annual Assessment Due One Year After Ordinance Adoption