Inside VIC Office
Whether you're visiting Blaine for a day, planning a vacation, or desiring to relocate to this beautiful area, Blaine Visitor Center (VIC) offers a wide range of local information as well as for Whatcom County, Washington state, and our close neighbor British Columbia, Canada. You may request information by email as well as by visiting or contacting our VIC office.

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Volunteers & Staff

 Blaine’s Visitor Center Volunteer staff is knowledgeable, friendly and eagerly awaiting to serve you!
  • Alli Siuills, Volunteer
  • Bessie Barredo, Volunteer
  • Carroll Solomon, VIC Coordinator
  • Clare Nurre, Volunteer
  • Jim Zell, Volunteer
  • John Liebert, Volunteer
  • Kathy Richardson, Volunteer
  • Lynette Treen, Volunteer
  • Mike Myers, Volunteer