Waste Water Treatment System

About the Facility

The facility purifies all the waste water for the City of Blaine producing pristine purified water with virtually all floating, sinkable, and suspended solid removed. The biological oxygen demand is reduced to 0, and the resulting reclaimed water is typically bacteria free. Although not under any requirements to do so, we produce exceptionally low ammonia nitrogen concentrations as a side benefit of our anoxic basin. The anoxic basin was mainly designed in our process to recover alkalinity lost during the process which eliminated chemical addition and the resulting ammonia reduction reduces our nitrogen footprint.

Membrane Bio-Reactor Technology

Process where soluble and fine suspended dissolved materials that have not been removed from secondary treatment are removed. The Lighthouse Point Water Reclamation Facility (LPRWF) utilizes Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology for tertiary treatment. The MBR process includes:

  • Fine screens which remove debris and inorganic material larger than 2 millimeters from the waste water
  • Aeration basins that promote growth of microorganisms that consume organic matter, which creates waste water that is less organic matter that can decompose
  • Membrane tanks that separate the liquids from the solids.


Kills any remaining pathogens in the effluent to a level that complies with water quality discharge permits. Sodium hypochlorite

(chlorine) is used for disinfection. After chlorine contact time is complete, our effluent is acceptable for reuse as Class A reclaimed Water.

Blaine Line Flow Diagram

Larger View of Diagram (PDF)