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Blaine's Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) supports our Public Safety Department in serving the community. Blaine ACS is a team of abut two dozen dedicated volunteers who have between them a wide variety of skills and experience. Some members have strong backgrounds in technology, but it is not required. What ACS team members do have in common are a desire to help others and a willingness to train, practice and participate The men and women of Blaine's ACS are a critical resource: we rely upon them to help us coordinate and deliver essential services, during both emergencies and our many annual special events.

Essential Volunteers - Effective Solutions

ACS inspecting antennae

Severe weather events and large-scale incidents sometimes overwhelm regular communications like cell phones, internet connections and public safety radio systems. Over a dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies work in our community. These partners can be called upon to assist our public safety efforts, but we have to be able to communicate with them. Blaine ACS members help us to ensure we have that ability, both day-to-day and in emergencies.

Their efforts have built and maintain our backup radio repeater sites, communications office and portable base stations. They have designed, built, and staff a state-of-art Command and Communications van to meet the special needs of emergency management and inter-agency communications in our border city. While communications is a core function, ACS team members also give us a strong cadre of dependable support personnel during special events. In addition to their communications efforts, ACS members staff first aid stations, provide traffic and crowd control at special events, and deploy to emergencies state-wide when needed.


The City of Blaine strongly supports the efforts of our Auxiliary Communications Service team. Each year these dedicated men and women volunteer over 2,000 hours of to our community. Blaine ACS provides for and maintains each member's training in a variety of service skills including First Aid, CPR/AED, Traffic Flagging, and Incident Command System protocols.


For information about Blaine's Auxiliary Communications Service, please contact:
Lt. Michael Munden
360-332-6769 ext. 3344