The 1st Electric Light System

As early as 1890, the first electric light system was installed to service the City of Blaine streets. This system lasted approximately 1 year before a lack of funds discontinued the operation.

Electric Light Plant

In 1898, a franchise was granted for an electric light plant to again furnish the city with streetlights. This plant was destroyed by fire in February 1900, and the city remained without electricity until October 1900, when another franchise was granted.

Generators & Steam Engine

In 1907, the City of Blaine purchased generators and a steam engine and began manufacturing and distributing their own power. In 1912, the city contracted with British Columbia Electric Company to purchased additional power and, in 1927, commenced purchasing electricity from Puget Power and Light as well.

Negotiations & Substation

Negotiations were entered into with Bonneville Power Administration in 1952 to purchase less expensive electricity, but it was 11 years before the first contract was signed. The current Blaine substation was built in the 1960s and continues to serve the city customers.


Today, Blaine's electrical utility department serves areas outside the city limits as well. Our power is purchased directly from Bonneville Power Administration, enabling the city to offer competitive rates.