City of Blaine Comprehensive Plan


Community Development Services supports the City Council in promulgating their goals, policies, and vision for Blaine by managing updates to a number of community planning documents.

CDS ensures administrative, technical, and procedural compliance for both the Planning Commission and City Council at meetings and hearings in regards to any adoption and changes to the Comprehensive Plan, other land use plans, and the Shoreline Master Program.

The linked Plans below constitutes the fulfillment of the City's responsibility as required by the Washington State Growth Management Act to plan for future growth, development, and capital facilities over a defined planning horizon.  

Blaine - Semiahmoo Tower - April 2022

Photograph of Semiahmoo Spit from the Fisherman's Wharf - Scott Pratschner, 2022.

Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Map Amendments

Chapter 36.70A of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW): Growth Management Act, authorizes the City of Blaine to amend its Comprehensive Plan and land use map once per year through the annual Docket process.  Blaine Municipal Code (BMC) Chapter 16 administers this State authorization to continually evaluate and update local plans and policies.  

Apply for a Land Use Amendment

The table below provides an overview of items authorized by the City Council for inclusion in the 2023 Comprehensive Plan Docket of Amendments.

2023 Comprehensive Plan Docket (Resolution 1912-23)

Amendment # Type Applicant General Description of proposed Amendment More Information
CPA-1-23 Text and Map Amendment Community Development Services Revise the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Map, as needed, to address development and programs and services in the Central Business District.  
CPA-2-23 Comprehensive Plan - Periodic Review Update Comprehensive Plan - Periodic Review Update Pursuant to RCW 36.70A.130, the City is required to conduct a periodic update of its comprehensive plan and development regulations. The City of Blaine update is due in June 2025.  
CPA-3-23 Housing Action Plan Community Development Services The City received a $75,000 grant from the Department of Commerce to address housing affordability through a housing action plan. See Project Page
CPA-4-23 Utility Comprehensive Plans (Water, Power and Stormwater) Public Works Department The Public Works Department is scheduled to initiate several utility plans in 2023, including for Water, Power and Stormwater.  
CPA-5-23 Transportation Chapter and Capital Facilities Update Public Works Department The Capital Facilities Element of the Comprehensive Plan will need to be updated to better align with the currently adopted budget, transportation improvement program, and updated Utility Comprehensive Plans.  
CPA-6-23 Zoning and Land Use Map Update Community Development Services The City processed an annexation in 2022, and the corresponding maps to be updated to reflect this newly annexed area.  
CPA-7-23 Zoning and Land Use Map Update Citizen-Initiated Request Amend zoning for 2619 Bell Road from RL, Residential Low Density to PC, Planned Commercial. See Project Page

Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Highway Commercial Subzone A to authorize Government Offices Community Development Services Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Text Amendment to expand the list of uses authorized in the Highway Commercial Subzone A to allow government offices.  Note: No longer being pursued