Ad Hoc Downtown Advisory Committee


This ad hoc committee is entrusted with the responsibility of advising and making recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on issues related to the Central Business District, including: 

  1. Scoping proposed changes in policies, code amendments, education and promotion strategies, and/or incentive programs; 
  2. Advising the Planning Commission on proposed code amendments, and 
  3. Making recommendations to the Community Development Department and elected officials on other related programs and initiatives. 


  • 9AM - 10:30AM 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, for a period of approximately six months. Meetings to be held in-person in the City Council Chambers, 435 Martin Street, Suite 4000.
  • All meetings will be open to the public. Please see the City Calendar for the most up to date information on accessing the meeting.


  • Nine members, comprised of the following: 
    • Bruno Freschi
    • Glen Pentland
    • Greg McHenry
    • Gurdeep Bains
    • Mia Richardson
    • Scott Meaker
    • Susan Sturgill
    • Kevin Owens, Planning Commission Liaison
    • Eric Davidson, City Councilor Liaison
    • Mayor Mary Lou Steward, Alternate City Councilor Liaison 

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Project Background Documents

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Presentation to City Council (August 8, 2022)

The currently-adopted Central Business District code 

How the City processes code amendments (legislation).

For More Information

Please direct all Committee questions to Stacie Pratschner at 360-332-8311, ext. 3307.