About Blaine Cemetery

The city owns and operates the 7.8-acre Blaine Cemetery, located at 4175 H Street Road. The City Clerk’s Office oversees cemetery records, as well as lot and burial sales. Public Works staff provides cemetery repairs and maintenance not covered by contract.


  • Mowing
  • Trash Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Road Maintenance


  • Grave openings and closings
  • Lawn seeding
  • Supply of grave liners

To Purchase a Cemetery Lot:

Cemetery lots must be purchased through the Blaine City Clerk’s Office at 360-332-8311 ext. 3334. 

To Arrange for an Interment:

All interments must be arranged through the Blaine City Clerk’s Office at least three business days prior to burial. Appropriate Washington State Health Department documentation must be made available prior to burial. To begin the process of scheduling a burial, please submit one of the online Cemetery Request Forms.  In person arrangements can be made by appointment only.  Please call 360-332-8311 with any questions. Payment must be received prior to burial scheduling.

City Cemetery Information: 

City Cemetery Contact Information: 

  • For information on lot location, lot fees, burial fees, scheduling burials, or records pertaining to the cemetery, please call: 360-332-8311 ext. 3334
  • For information on headstone placement or the maintenance of the cemetery, please call: 360-332-8820
  • For burial related phone calls on the day of the burial, please call 360-815-7441. If no one answers, please call 360-812-0325 or 360-812-0312