Wireless Communication Facility Regulations


Zoning Text Amendment to respond to federal legislation as well as subsequent Declaratory Rulings issued by the Federal Communications Commission concerning wireless communication facilities. Amend Title 17 of the Blaine Municipal Code as follows:

  1. Create new Chapter in Title 17 for wireless communication facilities (BMC 17.107) and move existing code provisions contained in BMC 17.1060.030, except as edited, to new chapter.
  2. Create new definitions section;
  3. Create new applicability and exemptions section;
  4. Create new permit review process and approval process section;
  5. Create new submittal requirements section;
  6. Rename existing standards as "macrofacility" regulations and edit the standards;
  7. Create new eligible facilities modification section;
  8. Create new small wireless facility section;
  9. Amend existing equipment facility regulations;
  10. Amend existing Additional Requirements Applying to All Wireless Telecommunication Facilities regulations; and
  11. Add a lapse of approval and appeal process section.

Planning Commission Study Session

January 27, 2022

Background Materials

Federal Regulations - 47 U.S.C Sections 1.6001 – 1.6100 

Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC): Wireless Communications Facilities