Comprehensive Water System Plan and Capital Facilities Plan


The City of Blaine 2021 Comprehensive Water System Plan is a document that is required every 6-10 years. The Plan contains demand forecasts, system analysis, and a capital plan. Overall it provides for local government consistency by declaring the water service area. Lastly, the revised supply analysis shows adequate water rights to support the 20 year forecast water supply needs, and recommends improvements needed to support future anticipated growth.

The City has been working over a number of years to develop a new Water System Comprehensive Plan, and recently received authorization of a new plan from the City Council through passage of Resolution 1851-21.

 The Plan now needs to be incorporated into the City Comprehensive Plan. This will require: 

  1. Incorporation of the City of Blaine 2021 Comprehensive Water System Plan as an element of the Comprehensive Plan, including updating the table of contents of Blaine 2036;
  2. Updating the text of the Capital Facilities Plan element of the Comprehensive Plan to reflect the inventory, level of service, forecast of future needs, evaluation of expanded or new capital facilities to meet the forecast need; and Capital Improvement Program to provide for these improvements; and
  3. Revision to the Water Service Area Map to reflect the new boundaries contained in the Comprehensive Water System Plan.

Planning Commission Review

Environmental Review

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