Zoning Text Amendments

The information below will connect you to current and upcoming projects that are updating the regulations the City uses to evaluate development projects and the future growth. These projects are part of the Planning Work Program approved by the City Council under Resolution 1843-21. 

Blaine Municipal Code (BMC) Chapter 17.04 establishes the process for amendments to the Zoning Code, which includes a public hearing before the Planning Commission, who recommends action on the amendment request to City Council. The City Council is the decision-maker for text amendments.

The Department will be initiating these amendments throughout the year. 

ItemApplicantProposalNotesSchedule (Tentative)More Information
1CityPeriodic update of development regulations for critical areasState mandated periodic update pursuant to RCW 36.70A.130.2021 Q1 – 2021 Q4
2Citizen-InitiatedRevise Manufacturing Subzone B zone to permit live-work units as an accessory use.
2021 Q1 – 2021 Q233See Project Page
3CityRevise Highway Commercial, Subzone C zoning district standards.
2021 Q1 – 2021 Q2See Project Page
4CityAmend Central Business District standards to eliminate a Conditional Use Permit process for use of public plazas.
2021 Q3 – 2021 Q4See Project Page
5CityAmend Title 17 to identify the Hearing Examiner as the appropriate review authority for quasi-judicial land use decisions.Required to comply with RCW 35A.63.110 (Code cities).

2021 Q2 – 2021 Q3

See Project Page
6CityUpdate Sign Code contained in Chapter 17.122 BMC.Required to respond to the Supreme Court judicial review findings2021 Q3 – 2021 Q4

7CityAmend Wireless Facility Regulations contained in BMC 17.106.030.Required to respond to provisions contained in the Spectrum Act as well as subsequent Declaratory Rulings issued by the Federal Communications Commission interpreting the Spectrum Act.

2021 Q3 – 2021 Q4

See Project Page
8CityAmend Binding Site Plan provisions contained in Chapter 17.64 BMCRequired to bring the current provisions into consistency with RCW 58.17.035.

2021 Q4 – 2022 Q1