Zoning Text Amendments

The information below will connect you to current and upcoming projects that are updating the regulations the City uses to evaluate development projects and the future growth. These projects are part of the Planning Work Program approved by the City Council under Resolution 1881-22. 

Blaine Municipal Code (BMC) Chapter 17.04 establishes the process for amendments to the Zoning Code, which includes a public hearing before the Planning Commission, who recommends action on the amendment request to City Council. The City Council is the decision-maker for text amendments.

The Department will be initiating these amendments throughout the year. 

ItemApplicantProposalNotesSchedule (Tentative)More Information
1CityPeriodic update of development regulations for critical areasState mandated periodic update pursuant to RCW 36.70A.130.2022 Q2 – 2023 Q3
2CityAmend Central Business District design standards and building height regulations 
Response to communications with developers
2022 Q3 - 2023 Q1
3CityAmend Title 17 to include permit process improvements (e.g., Binding Site Plan provisions noted above; Revise short subdivision chapter (BMC 17.58) to allow up to 9 lots to be created through a Short subdivision process, rather than 4 currently permitted; Revise Shoreline Substantial Development Permits to be a Process I, etc.)
This proposal is consistent with Action Item 1.B of Comprehensive Plan, Economic Development Chapter, which states: City staff should evaluate how permit processes could be streamlined, or where fees and utility connection charges could be reduced without conflict with other adopted community goals.
2022 Q3 – 2023 Q1

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4CityAmend Wireless Facility Regulations contained in BMC 17.106.030.Required to respond to provisions contained in the Spectrum Act as well as subsequent Declaratory Rulings issued by the Federal Communications Commission interpreting the Spectrum Act.

2022 Q2 – 2022 Q3

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5East Harbor Hills LLC
Add Mobile/Manufactured Homes as a permitted use under the Residential Planned Unit Development (PUD) Standards contained in BMC 17.68.
East Harbor Hills, LLC is pursuing a development proposal on a parcel of property east of Harvey Road, and north of H Street, previously owned by the Martin family. Along with standard single-family and multi-family housing, the applicant has expressed desire to include a manufactured home park, and/or manufactured home subdivision as potential components of the project.
2022 Q3 – 2022 Q4
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6Steven TojekWater view preservationPrivate amendment request 2023See Project Page
7Mandeep SranAdd restaurants to R/O as a permitted/conditional Zoning DistrictPrivate amendment request2023See Project Page