The City of Blaine is updating the portion of the Whatcom County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan that addresses natural hazards within the City of Blaine, such as earthquakes, flooding, landslides and severe storms. Through this update process, the City will identify natural hazards that could impact our community, assess our vulnerability to these hazards, and formulate mitigation strategies that will lessen the severity of these hazards and protect our community. 

The City is updating this plan along with other communities in Whatcom County. This process is very important and allows Whatcom County to receive Federal funding for mitigation and pre-disaster projects to lessen the impact of disasters when they do happen. More information about the County-wide update is available here.

We Want to Hear from You!

Part of the review and update process includes opportunities for public comment. The revised plan for the City of Blaine is available for review here. 

Please use this comment form to provide your input and be sure to select Blaine under the Jurisdiction pull down menu to ensure that we receive your comments. 

Thank you for participating in the creation of the updated plan!

Staff Contact

Stacie Pratschner, Community Development Director


360-332-8311 Ext 3307