2021 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket

Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Map Amendments


Chapter 36.70A of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW): Growth Management Act, authorizes the City of Blaine to amend its Comprehensive Plan and land use map once per year through the annual Docket process.  Blaine Municipal Code (BMC) Chapter 16 administers this State authorization to continually evaluate and update local plans and policies.  

Table 1 provides an overview of items authorized by the City Council for inclusion in the 2021 Comprehensive Plan Docket of Amendments.

Table 1.  2021 Comprehensive Plan Docket (Resolutions 1842-21 and 1856-21)

File Number



General Description of the Amendment

More Information



Text Amendment

Public Works Department

Amend Appendix A of the Comprehensive Plan (City of Blaine Capital Facilities Plan) by revising and updating the water services information related to adoption of the 2021 Comprehensive Water System Plan.

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Map Amendment

Port of Bellingham

The Port of Bellingham proposes to correct a scrivener' s error and replace Figure 25 of the 2020 Blaine Wharf District Master Plan with a figure consistent with the 2017 version of the Wharf District Master Plan. The incorrect figure was used during the 2020 update.

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Map Amendment

City of Blaine

The City of Blaine proposes to modify the Planned Commercial comprehensive plan goals and policies to reflect a downzone in residential density. A map amendment may also be required.